Q. Are you concerned about your mercury amalgam fillings?

A. You probably shouldn’t be. The majority of mercury amalgam fillings people have are relatively stable and are not causing any health problems.

But…. if you are going to or thinking about having any fillings removed please download and read our Free Fact Sheet on

The Safe Removal of Mercury Amalgam Fillings: Download

Q. Why have I put together this sheet?

A. When ever you are going to have a mercury amalgam filling removed it is really important as to ‘how’ you are going to have it done.

Heavy metal toxicity is a complex subject, how you deal with the exposure to mercury for example is dependant on your overall health and is to a large extent related to the amount of mercury you are exposed to at any one time.The download here looks at and explores these issues.

It will tell you clearly HOW TO MINIMISE EXPOSURE and will guide you through exactly what you need to consider when you have a filling removed regardless of whether it is affecting your health or not.

Please read before you have any fillings removed. I hope you find it of help.
Nicholas Haines